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Ama Maynu, alias SBIP999 in the lottery world, was introduced to the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games in the Carolinas back in 2008. She got her start by checking out the Lottery Post forum for information from other serious Pick 34 players.


Since then she has written and produced more than 9 books on Pick 3 Cash 4 strategies that are useful in all mechanical ball / non-computerized lottery drawings.


Maynu says there is a "mathematics to random", and like most things in the universe, there is also an underlying order to it, although to the unindoctrinated observer, this order is missed in the numbers arena.


"My job is to show players how numbers, pairs and combinations are very social creatures.

"Like us, they like to hang out with their friends, their mates, their twins and their family groups. Because I have lived intimately with these numbers for the past six years, I can tell you 'whose zooming who' so you know the most likely place a particular digit will visit in upcoming draws. It's almost too simple once you study the patterns,"  Maynu said.


9 Tips Lottery Guide for Pick 3 Cash 4 Games

An SBIP999 Creation


About the 9 Simple Tips and Strategies for Winning the Pick 3 Cash 4 Lottery Games: The Definitive Lottery Guide for Learning the Mathematics of Random, Maynu wrote:



"This Guide is the answer to many of my customers who have asked me repeatedly when I planned to publish my '12 Weeks to Pick 3 Mastery' Course which I have been threatening to do for years.

"But this book is better than such a course for two major reasons: number one, you get to go through the book at your own speed. And, number 2, you will not have to pay for it weekly or monthly, but it comes delivered with a one-off, one time price for all the valuable lessons contained within.

"I learned so much while penning these winning tips based on proven number laws -- tips that can make a big difference in your game when you put them to good use. And, yes, I am thrilled at the new "JMIU Lottery Strategy" that was unveiled in the Bonus Chapter of the Guide! Can't wait to try it out in the Carolinas," Maynu said.

-- Ama Maynu, Author


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